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My week with an Aeropress

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So, recently I spent 2 weeks in and out of hospital after the birth of my first child who needed some time in Neonatal Intensive Care.  Everything went well and she is home now, but I was left with an interesting dilemma.  I needed a way to make coffee that wasn't a cafe (seriously, $4.00 per coffee for inconsistent results with coffee's regularly so vastly below my standards that i wouldn't drink them) and didn't need any sort of internal heating device.

Now, I could have gone with some pour over gear (V60 or Chemex) but I decided I wanted something a bit more practical and a lot more mobile.  In comes the Aeropress.

To keep its history short, it was invented by Alan Adler who invented the Aerobie Disk, a frisbee that holds the world distance and hang time record for a thrown frisbee, who wasn't happy with the results from his plunger and thought that there must be a better way to do it.

So, weighing in at a mere 175g and taking up about as much space as a bottle of water the Aeropress quickly became my go to device. It was easy to throw in my backpack and along with a hand grinder was able to produce very good coffee without leaving the ward (except when I ran out of beans, that was truly an emergency) as all the wards tended to have instantaneous boilers or kettles of some description to make tea and coffee.

Its tiny weight and compact size, paired with its ease of use made the Aeropress a go to device for many coffee lovers world wide and very quickly became a go to favourite of mine. The coffee it produces lies somewhere between a plunger, a pour over and an Espresso.  Using the supplied paper filters resulted in a clean smooth cup but because of the pressure developed by the press would produce a crema and an extra bit of body and kick in the flavour.

The box recommends that you use a direct pour method but I found that to be a little weak for me and opted for the "inverted method" as it allowed me to steep the coffee for a minute or so before pressing resulting in a stronger flavour and better body.

The Pro's:

Great coffee, portable, easy to use, easy to clean, very versatile, light weight


No way to do milk (I am a black coffee guy, so not an issue for me but the majority of coffee drinkers (including my wife) are milk based)

Why you should Get one:

It's versatile, it's easy to use and it makes great tasting coffee

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​Great news for Coffee Lovers!

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Complete Cafe Services and The Coffee Workshop announced as Presenting Partner for Adelaides Premier Coffee event.

The Cafe Services team are thrilled and excited to announce that Complete Cafe Services & The Coffee Workshop has been officialy announced as the presenting partner for the 2015 Double shot Coffee Fiesta.Which will be held on Sunday 22 February 2015 at the Soldiers Memorial Gardens Unley. The event last year was a great success [...]

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Pleased to announce we are now distributors of the LELIT range of Home coffee machines and Grinders.

We first saw the Lelit range in Milan October 2013. We were impressed with the simplistic design, the features and the price. The Combi machines were exactly what we had been looking for. A decent machine with built in grinder. This is perfect for people who have limited bench space.The Espresso machines have brass boilers [...]

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European Manufacturers Tour as published in Cafe Culture Magazine .

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The Dalla Corte DC Pro has arrived.

We will be cracking open the DC Pro case and giving a detailed review of the machine soon.  STAY TUNED.

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La Pavoni, Specialists.

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The Espresso Breathalyser….. Espresso Machine Calibration and Testing

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Naked Espresso Machine

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