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Brew Scales


At Complete Café Services we have selected a range of what we believe to be the best barista scales on the market. Scales aren’t just for the avid barista, but anyone wanting to take their coffee standards to the next level. Coffee scales are a fantastic way for any barista to ensure accuracy and consistency in both the home and commercial environment. Our selection of scales has features such as USB charging and heat proof silicone pads to ensure durability and reliability with long term use. With 0.1g precision you are sure to get better results and uniformity with your product.

Why should you weight your coffee? Weight and time are two crucial elements for both filter and espresso coffee to ensure the correct ratio and recipe is met with each extraction. Coffee scales give you the control over weight, time, flow rate and product delivery.

If you have any questions, our would like some assistance in finding the right scales for your environment, give our friendly team a call!

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