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Coffee Scales

Our team at Complete Cafe Services have carefully selected barista scales to offer you the best in the business.

Scales are a great barista tool, aiding in consistency, recipe perfection and espresso brilliance. From weighing group handles, to doses to pour, our selection of scales has proven accuracy, reliability, durability and ease of use.

Our selection of Coffee Scales includes brands such as Acaia and Brewista.

Scales offer accuracy, finding the perfect ratio of ground coffee to water is what it's all about. With different bean densities between brands and roasts, volumetric measurements don't offer the same results as weighted measurements. Scales allow you to balance your water and coffee ratio to ensure your coffee is on point, all day, every day! Coffee scales reduce wastage, especially when using a grind time function on your grinder, the implementation of scales into your coffee routine can remove waste almost entirely. Scales bring consistency to the table, with the coffee industry booming it is so important to deliver a consistently impressive product. Using the scales means you can replicate your recipe, every time! Scales are useful for a range of different coffee brewing, not just behind a commercial machine. They are a fantastic aid alongside automatic drip coffee, French press and AeroPress / Delta.

Our range of scales has more than meets the eye. The Acaia Lunar Coffee Scales has a built in timer function. This barista scale also offers the user the Acaia app that pairs your device to the scale for data collection and recipe saving. This function is great when more than one barista is making coffees. The Brewista Smart Scale offers a built in timer, accurate to one tenth of a gram and is waterproof.

Need some assistance in finding the perfect grinder for your set up? Give our friendly team a call on (08) 8338 0600.

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