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Expobar Troubleshooting

Trouble Shooting Guide (FAQ's)


Q. The machine does not work

A. Check the switch at the wall is not turned off. Make sure that the machine switch is on position "1" 

Q. The protection circuit disconnects the machine from the electrical installation  

A. Check if there is enough water in the boiler. If not, call your installer or local service company.

Q. The machine works but it does not heat up

A. Check that the machine switch is in "1" position. Make sure that the water level in the machine is between minimum and maximum. Open the steam tap to expel air - you will see the pressure gauge return to zero. The machine will now reheat without further incident.

Q. Water does not come out of the group  

A. Check that the water supply tap had not been turned off.

Q. Coffee comes out too quickly

A. Adjust the coffee grinder. It is not grinding fine enough.

Q. Coffee comes out too slowly      

A. Adjust the coffee grinder. It is not grinding course enough.

Q. Coffee comes out too cold      

A. Call your service technician. It is possible the machines pressure regulator needs adjusting.

Q. No steam comes out of the wand

A. Make sure the machine is up to temperature (see #3). Clean out the holes in the nozzle.


Programming - Automatic Buttons

1. Fill the filter basket for either 1 or 2 cup pour depending on the button to be programmed.

2. Place handle in group to be programmed and place cup or cups under pourer.

3. Press the continuous pour button (*) of the appropriate button block until LED lights display. All lights should display.

4. Press the button to be programmed. Press again when correct volume is extracted. Button is now programmed.

5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 with other buttons as necessary.

6. Switch machine off then on again to "lock the programme".

Use fresh coffee for each programming attempt.

LED of programmed button will extinguish when done - buttons yet to be done will remain illuminated.

LED's will extinguish quite quickly and often before you are ready for the next button. Simply push the * button again to resume.

Both button blocks need to be done because they are independent of each other.

Programming the Pre-Infuser

To enable:

  1. Machine OFF
  2. Hold down Button #1
  3. Turn Machine ON

To disable:

  1. Machine OFF
  2. Hold down button #2
  3. Turn machine ON


  1. Maschine OFF
  2. Hold down button #3
  3. Turn machine ON


Backflush Procedure

(Cleaning your Expobar Espresso Machine)


  1. Have the Espresso Machine ON (Heating as per normal use)
  2. Remove the single or double basket from the group handle, and replace it with the blind filter basket
  3. Into the blind filter basket, place approximately 1 - 1 1/2 teaspoons of Backflush Cleaning Powder 
  4. Lock the Group hanlde into the group head (simillar if brewing a coffee)
  5. Switch OFF the machine using the machine's power switch (not at the wall socket)
  6. While HOLDING DOWN the middle button on the keypad, switch the power back ON and the machine will commence a 5 cycle Automatic Back Flush Procedure (Use the corresponding keypad to the group you are flushing) Once the machine has commenced the cycle, release the middle button.NOTE: No water will come through the Group Spout. The back flush is now being mixed under pressure with the hot water from the group head. 
  7. The machine will automatically STOP and START for each of the 5 cycles, and the water and powder will exhaust from the machine into the drip tray.
  8. Note: If you nmeed to interrupt the 5 cycles - Turn the machine OFF and ON again. DO NOT REMOVE the group handle while under pressure
  9. Once the machine has completed the 5 cycles, ensure the group handle is not under pressure from the machine. Remove the group handle and inspect the basket (There should be some residuals from the powder and water mix with some coffee granules)
  10. With the hanldes removed, RESTART the Group head flow (as normal) so that clean water flows through the head - use the flow of the water to rinse the group handle . You may want to repeat steps 4 - 7 with no powder in the basket filter to flush any residuals of cleaing solutuion. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO EXERCISE CAUTION IN THESE STEPS AS THE MACHINE / GROUP CAN BE UNDER PRESSURE AND IS USING HEATED WATER.
  11. Once the machine has been cleaned of all backflush, with a damp cloth - wipe the group head and shower screen. Repalce the blind filter with the single/double basket - and make a coffee as per normal.

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