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Office Coffee Machine Repairs

Your staff are your most important investment. Keep your staff happy and productive by keeping their coffee machine running at its best!


Service Inclusions

Front end

Front end & Middle


Overhaul of coffee group heads/outlets for optimum extraction.

Includes seals, jets, filters and showers where required.



Probe inspection and clean


Air release valve inspection and service


Descale of main boiler and/or group heat exchangers *



*usually performed offsite

Regular checks and maintenance are essential to prolonging your coffee machine's life. Our Scheduled Preventative Maintenance service is a simple and hassle-free way of ensuring your coffee machine is performing at its best. Feel free to contact us to arrange a Preventative Maintenance Schedule for your coffee machine today. Complete Cafe Services give you the ability to keep things simple by providing all needed consumable and cleaning stock delivered!

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